Vanuatu daily news digest | Natuman Gov’t lodges motion

You must buy Daily Post today. The news sounds exactly like a return to the politics of the ‘Seventies which brought us our Independence. Strong Prime Minister Natuman and DPM Lini have lodged the motion alleging bribery against the weak Opposition Leader Carcasses who seems only able to bring the Opposition together by offering huge sums of money and the 15 Opposition MP who have cravenly accepted the VT 14.5 million paid into their accounts. Natuman and Lini want them all suspended from Parliament for a period until after the First Ordinary Session next year which will mean, Post calculates, 13,000 voters losing their representation for this time. I would have though it might mean many more, but so be it, that’s what comes of voting for those of no substance. The Leadership Code quite clearly states "A leader must not corruptly ask for or receive, agree to ask for or obtain, or offer any money, property or other benefit or advantage of any kind, for himself or herself or another person or body in exchange for his acts or omissions as a leader being influenced in any way, either directly or indirectly." This is bribery. Post points out what was paid into Carcasses’ ANZ account and cheques being drawn for one million vatu on it for MPs whose names are given. Carcasses on page 1 of this week’s Independent quite clearly indicates the money is to ensure support of his Greens. This is indeed bribery. The PM’s Office has issued complaints to the Police and these are being investigated. Criminal charges will be laid. The venality and stupidity of some of our democratically appointed persons is colossal in such a small country where we should all know our leaders.


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  1. Eddie R Satungia says:

    The leadership code states so clearly and all MPs should know well more than their voters, that they are obliged to abide in these Leadership codes. Surprisingly they have not understood their Office well, which means they are unfit to take up such Leadership role; example (you do not have any soccer skills and you are placed in the field to paly…what can you do, you are confused…) Your voters will laugh at you knowing they have voted the wrong person in… note that this Office is not your play ground where you want to show your “Big Man”. It is not a “:Self Interest” ground. God is appointing you to be the Leader / SHEPHERD over the flocks (your voters) and not the voters to serve you! Forget yourself in your position and focus on the development of your voters. Comply into the righteousness and simplicity of our MOTO, “In God we stand” so you will not be deceived by the wolf who wish to destroy your reputation. If you simply live and act right, you are contributing to the better development of our Country. (Romans 14:17) & Matthew 6:33)
    Suggests the Electoral Office had to review the Election criteria and make amendments where necessary in order to make a good recruitment of our future leaders wishing to stand up for our future elections…..

    Please know people of Vanuatu are praying and God is not deaf but is answering the peoples’ prayers… Please Political leaders it’s time to stop pointing fingers but work in unity for the betterment of our country taking our nation into well developed reputation to the whole world and most of all to the Glory and Praise of our Almighty God in His Kingdom in Heaven!