Vanuatu daily news digest | 22 November 2014

The Independent today has Opposition Leader Carcasses offering the total of 30 million vatu in million-vatu loans from his private fortune as "transparent". Carcasses: "There is absolutely no bribery here at all and no money has been offered to government MPs." Well, none have signed for receiving it, only the members of some fourteen different parties which went to the polls and got elected. Many we’d never heard of before. And for all that, UMP only got 4, but still signed. Well, two of those MPs were Independent and presumably went back to their voters to tell them to join the Greens now. One in Daily Post’s list who wasn’t even elected got one of the loans (Jean-Yves Chabod). So it seems like the selling price for a seat in the Vanuatu Parliament is a million vatu – if it doesn’t get you locked up for bribery.

So if Carcasses’ motion (now lodged according to the Daily Post) succeeds we will have a coalition of (take a deep breath) Greens / UMP / LDP / Rerunification / Republican / Iauko Group / Natatok Indigenous / PPP / Vanuatu Progressive Development / VNP / Nagriamel and 2 Independents (possibly now Green).

Radio Vanuatu this morning reported First PA in the Prime Minister’s Office, George Iapson, saying political history will be made should the Government’s motion against the 16 Opposition MPs swearing support for Carcasses actually pass. It means the particular issue of bribery will have been dealt with, he says. "Such an action should have been undertaken in the past, but never was," said Iapson. "The government of today wants to stop this wrongful practice – bribery – for the stability of the country. Vanuatu has the legislation to deal with such action."

Radio Vanuatu News has the Lands Ministry arranging for the body of the late Chris Ioan, Director of Geology and Mines, to be brought back from Jamaica. Ioan went there in July, for the International Seabed Conference, fell ill, and was hospitalized in Kingston. He died there.

Only a quarter of the applications for scholarships next year can be accepted this time points out Minister Bob Loughman in VBTC News. He adds that francophones and anglophones will share equally for scholarships. The French and Australian governments are being asked to increase sponsorship for students going overseas.

There will most like be another bulletin this weekend.


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  1. Bill and Lenor Preston says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Vanuatu if it’s politicians ALL decided to put Vanuatu FIRST instead of their own greedy and selfish ego trips !!!!