Vanuatu daily news digest 23 November 2014

Our PM and the PNG PM are arriving round now at Bauerfield in the PNG PM’s plane … and see below about Kumul Highway …

There is not a lot of news, only quite a lot of comment concerning the lodging of the Opposition Motion-of-no-confidence for debate next Friday. Robert Bohn MP, in five paras of empty political rhetoric, urges Vanuatudaily to understand Carcasses using his own money for the loan scheme. I’m not going to. It sucks. Bohn wants me to keep his comments coming to this Vanuatudaily newsblog. That he and Carcasses can think a million vatu per MP will win the country stability for a 12-party coalition when they couldn’t even get it when in power for a year, well, sucks. And especially as the Prime Minister (he got in with 33 readily agreeing to his leadership) will have already had his motion voted (to have the allegedly 22 Opposition signing Carcasses’ motion suspended) three days before the Opposition motion. It may well be that Bohn’s huffing and puffing will barely have a listenership. It may be like Bohn’s case in the US Court of Appeal in 2008 in which his previous conviction on racketeering, mail fraud, money laundering and criminal forfeiture charges was affirmed. This was on June 6, 2008.

Anyway, YTS has a PITCO cheque to Moana enabling a million to go to each of MPs Vohor, Prasad, Iauko, Hosea Neveu, John Amos Vacher, Tony Wright, Samson Samsen, Pipite and Telukluk. YTS has the following MPs "suspended" which is not entirely clear: Tony Nari, Steven Kalsakau, Jonas James, Thomas Laken, Kalfau Moli and Jean-Yves Chabod (who isn’t even an MP in the understanding of this blog). Maybe they will now vote with the legitimate government.

Motions of greed may be on the way out. YTS also points out the new, intended Public Prosecutor being well versed in bribery matters. He observes, too, that the Reserve Bank has control over European Bank, which is a bank of the PITCO group of Bayer companies. Thomas Bayer was removed from the Reserve Bank Board under the present VP government after being appointed by the Carcasses Government. Bayer’s removal occurred because of his conflict-of-interest under the Reserve Bank Act. (And despite claims of the Bayer/Bohn/Carcasses non-indigenous axis that Bayer had made significant contributions to the VP.)

However, Daily Post quite straightforwardly points out where Greens’ conflict-of-interest funds have already gone wrong on Tanna (cash prizes ignored by one MP, a car for another, and a house for one more MP).

And Post lists the Natuman achievements for the people as well as MPs (to get funds for community needs). And the new central hospital wing and equipment, and the Lapetasi wharves represent huge personal achievements for Natuman from before his appointment. So let’s have a spell from Motions of greed and also those motions trying to re-establish democracy until Tuesday 4.30. And let Natuman get on with the job which 33 out of 52 Parliamentarians were unanimous in wanting him to do, just those few months ago.

There isn’t much else.

PM Natuman and Chinese President Xi have it seems just signed an 8 million vatu concessional loan in Fiji. Finance Minister Maki Simelum and Foreign Minister Sato Kilman were also present for the big meeting with the big man.

And our PM and the PNG PM are returning to Vanuatu from Fiji in the PNG PM’s plane round now (mid-Sunday morning) and making interesting decisions about resumption of the name Kumul Highway for the main street of Port Vila with the full agreement of DPM Ham Lini.

Deputy PM Ham Lini addressing the fourth meeting of the ICT Development Committee this week stressed the need for more improvements in ICT services, especially to education and health. Every department or ministry or agency should be developing an "ICT vision for the future," he said.

AVL still have three staff suspended on full pay.

Some well merited achievement news to end … Malapoa Dux and Leadership awards… The top boy and girl students from Malapoa this year are: Anthony Tarry and Rebecah Nguinamoli. And Max Morris wins the Leradership Award.

Good rest of the weekend.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu daily news digest 23 November 2014”

  1. MP Jean Yves Chabod says:

    Hey Bob…….you stupid? Do you not recognize my legitimate election? Another issue?


  2. MP Robert Sikol Bohn says:

    Bob, wow…..turning crude on us! We all knew that you are biased and opinionated…….but now the dark side is showing.

    Well, I see that you are still censoring your blog, we will need to see what the Court has to say about that. It is truly unfair that you are allowed to spew inaccurate information and then not allow the public to see the other side to you silly stories. Stay tuned!

    Please explain your stupidity regarding MP Jean Yves Chabod. Not an MP?

    As for the loan issue, you are a bore! Since I have been a member of the Green Confederation Alliance since my election 2 years ago, why do you feel that MP Carcasses would need to buy my allegiance. Can you please answer that simple question?

    Obviously nothing that I can say will change your mind and so instead, I offer to fly you to Epi at my expense. I would like to show you all of the community development that we have done on Epi. Specifically, I would like to show you the Lamen Bay Aid Post that will be completed using the very funds that you claim are scandalous funds. Please talk to the people of Epi and find out from them if the VNDP is doing a good job.


    MP Robert Sikol Bohn

    PS……..when are you going to pay the costs awarded in your failed Court case with Tom Bayer? Could that be the issue that causes the bile to turn so violently in your stomach?