Vanuatu daily news digest | 27 November 2014

No bulletin yesterday because it would simply have repeated the late Tuesday news of the success of the Government motion against Opposition members for allegedly receiving bribes. The sixteen members are Leader of the Opposition Carcasses,, his deputy Vohor and 14 MPs. The motion was passed with 27 votes in favour, one abstention and 22 votes against. The suspended MPs agree to seek redress in court, Post headlined yesterday. Today it is that the motion against the PM by the Opposition is still "on" for Friday at 3.30. The six Opposition MPs still in the House may still withdraw the motion [should they so wish] before 3 on Friday the Speaker said. "The money is mine," Carcasses told Daily Post yesterday in answer to questions as to where his transfers to the 14 MPs came from. VBTC News this morning said Carcasses tried to accuse the PM of borrowing from him, too, but the House burst into laughter when Natuman explained that this money was for him (Natuman) to accompany then-PM Carcasses to go to the MSG summit in Nouméa. And in that city Natuman was telephoned by an official to establish that Carcasses really had handed over the money rather than kept it himself. Natuman would have gladly accepted the legal government allowance, but Carcasses insisted on paying for Natuman himself.

Post also told us yesterday of two high risk prisoners on the run, Amos Pripri (in gaol for murdering his wife) and Kevin Heromanly (on charges of theft).

Also in yesterday’s Port, Chief Andrew Kalpoilep has given three hectares of land for a branch of the Ecole Centre Ville in the vicinity of Etas and populations to the east of Port Vila. Also a letter from Mr Olivier Fernandez who was quoted in the previous issue of the paper saying the Elouk road (where he was building) was in the wrong place. Yesterday he seemed to be requiring the authorities to agree with his stand, but to no avail.

Today Post has the establishment of a Vanuatu Environmental Law Association to "defend our God-given green environment for our people here." The association’s objectives include promoting sustainable resources and the understanding of environmental law with the active involvement of the public. Tackling climate change is also high on their agenda. They also hope to establish a national Environment Court.

Lapita Local Foods and VBTC News are today reported launching their tamarind chutney and sweet chili tamarind sauce along with nangae – roasted, salted or sugar coated. Business woman Votausi Mackenzie-Reur is further planning to develop nangae products which they use in a range of biscuits and is seeking to produce nangae oil for human consumption.