Vanuatu daily news digest | 5 December 2014

We have a PM ready to call a scam a scam as he did yesterday referring to the VTDL – Carcasses signed agreement as "a scam." He said that 99% of the VTDL contract did not favour the people of Vanuatu nor the government, "but only foreigners and it could cause a catastrophe." Try and get your copy of Daily Post today if you do not have it already for the full page one story. The PM says on the Transparency page."Of course one or two MPs will benefit from the VTDL agreement, but not the country." [Transparency also has 10 citizenships being revoked on their page.]

In another Post story, Natuman also promised the Police continuing their investigations into the 16 Opposition members’ receipt of a million vatu each and the amount Carcasses received to pay the 16 their so-called loans. They are accused of violations of the Leadership Code.

Late news yesterday said all 12 people on a boat which capsized between Emae to Efate were rescued. Five swam ashore to Matasso and 7 clung to the boat until what is believed to be a National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) rescue operation which included a helicopter. An enormous wave is said to have over-turned the boat.

Rain has got in the way of certain reporting this week with immensely heavy falls on Tuesday and Thursday and a continual thunder storm forcing your reporter to leave the computer off. So you have yet to receive the news Daily Post carried the day before of the Speaker wanting a judicial review of the Court’s decision to re-instate the 16 MPs against the decision of a majority of the House. Judge Oliver Saksak said the MP’s suspension breached their constitutional rights. The Speaker expressed grave concern at the judicial decision which he saw as a "clear intrusion into the affairs of Parliament from the Court." The separation of powers has long been a cornerstone of the Westminster system of democracy we enjoy here.

Yesterday’s Post also carried news from the West Papua Forum on that country’s Independence – in particular giving an interview with Octovianus Mote, a leader in that independence movement. He had often had to escape killing himself and also frequently had to take dead persons to hospital in his car and clean out the blood. He spoke of over 200 being killed by the Indonesian military, navy and police when the Morning Star was raised on Biak in 1996. He carries the Merdeka message to universities in the USA and other countries and he is trying to push a UN human rights resolution on West Papua.

Post today reveals Chief Seni Mao Tirsupe, Chairman of the National Council of Chiefs, calling on Vanuatu’s customary leaders to work together with the West Papuan leaders "in a spirit of respect, peace and unity in the first meeting of its kind in Papuan history."

Today Daily Post also carries news of the Fihermen’s Association saying they demand the full payment of their claims in the previous government’s commission of Inquiry. They will not accept a goodwill payment as has been proposed.