Vanuatu daily news digest | 9 December 2014

Jakarta has issued a statement to the Vanuatu Government through the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra saying that Vanuatu’s support of the West Papua Leaders’ Meeting is "serious". In return PM Natuman has said that if Indonesia continues to interfere in Vanuatu’s stand on West Papua, one of the clauses of the Vanuatu-Indonesia Bilateral Agreement will be removed by Vanuatu. "In fact, West Papua is still the colony of the Netherlands, and Netherlands must complete its responsibilities by ensuring that West Papua attains full Independence. Indonesia just invaded West Papua, but West Papua is a colony of the Netherlands," Natuman said. These remarks were given at the reconciliation and agreement signing at the Chiefs’ Nakamal on Saturday and reported by Daily Post today.

Tuesday’s Post also carries a complaint of Chief Masepong of Lelepa concerning Radio Vanuatu frequency unavailability. Lelepa people are unable to obtain Medium Wave transmission and the population is too far from Vila to hear FM. It is the cyclone season and we "cannot listen to the radio concerning any cyclone warning." The same complaint was heard last year in relation to the West Coast of Santo and the Banks and Torres islands. People in those places then listened to Solomon Islands broadcasts to learn of hurricane warnings. Or they climbed mountains and trees to obtain reception of warnings on their mobile phones. VBTC GM Fred Vurobaravu says both MW transmissions (Vila and Santo) are presently ‘down’, awaiting new equipment. He adds that Short Wave is available again after malfunctioning recently. However, with many listeners liking to listen with an earphone these days, this generally means small radios which do not use SW are what most people are buying. This recurring problem – the national broadcaster failing to get to all of the country – must be addressed by the Corporation quickly. Christmas in the Park is fine for Vila residents, but it ought to be planned on a basis of earning enough revenue to keep the station’s signals available to all.

The sea cucumber factory at Lakatoro is breeding madly the baby sea cucumbers which can enable expansion to other islands. The thirty tanks they have built each accommodate a million babies. And they are building more tanks to increase the investment here in Vanuatu, likely delivering babies to other islands. Cash payment is made directly to the farmers of the salt-water product. The first sea trial took place at Moso in 2012 and Efate and Malekula followed. South Pacific Agriculture Group Limited, the Chinese company which has spear-headed the industry, wants to get the harvesting of the preferred varieties of this marine creatures to all provinces, says Daily Post.


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  1. Tony says:

    A BIG “well said” to PM Natuman. Thank you for your stand. The Indonesians (rightly or wrongly) believe they are justified in their stance on Vanuatu.

    THE MOUSE THAT ROARED is alive and well. Stand your ground Vanuatu.

    Thank you,