Vanuatu daily news bulletin | 10 December 2014

Vanuatu has lost a former head of state, Chief Jean-Marie Leye Lenalgau Manatawae of Aneityum. He died at the age of 82. He was the third President of Vanuatu from March 1994 to March 1999. He died at the age of 82. This morning his body was moved to the National Chiefs’ Nakamal and then Parliament. A funeral service was held at one o’clock at the cathedral and his body was to be flown to Aneityum for burial. Radio Vanuatu gave these details at noon. Flags have been flying at half mast.

Daily Post today has the Land Ombudsman appointed. Emil Mael takes up the position and signed a contract on Monday with the Minister for Justice. Mael is a USP graduate who specializes in custom land issues and already has a large file of cases to study.

Post also tells us the Northern Star has finally been sunk and the Southern Star is to be taken out for its burial at sea this week or next.

There will be a longer bulletin tomorrow carrying important stories missed today.