Vanuatu daily news digest | 17 December 2014

A brief bulletin to fill-in a few gaps in vanuatudaily reporting this week …

Lopevi volcano has been belching out increasing emissions of gas and smoke, Radio Vanuatu news reports. People from Paama are being advised to stay away and forgo their end-year search for the Lopevi wild yams. The volcano seems to be approaching eruption stage.

Daily Post today reports serious repairs needed at the Parliament complex. Two weeks ago, the ground floor was flooded when water entered, said to be because of inconsistency in the thickness of the foundations causing cracks to appear. Water flooded the archives. When will we learn to adequately maintain our public buildings? Like the houses round Independence Park, the Korman Stadium, and Pompidou? Next on the list, of course, will be the Convention Centre.

Tanna continues to experience a shortage of beef for butchering, and thus the highest prices in Vanuatu. The Livestock Department is seeking new strategies to supply. The VNPF was trying to supply just on a month ago. But there have been delays. (VBTC)

Court sittings have been suspended from 22 December until 23 January, national media have been advised by Chief Justice Lunabek. The court registries will be closed from 23 December until 3 January.

Nagriamel and the PM want investigations into allegations made by the Opposition into the conduct of Youth and Sport Minister Don Ken – serious allegations of corrupt employment of officials. The story has continued Daily in Post. Today the PM’s Office acknowledges the seriousness of the allegations. The PM himself is away.

Fishermen are complaining they are not receiving their duty exemptions on fuel, permitted under the tax exemption rules. (Post)

The extraction of sand from Teouma and Mele Bays will be banned in January Daily Post advises. Considerable erosion has resulted. Contractors are required to find alternative sites.

Yellow bags will again be required for rubbish removal in the capital from Monday, the town hall advises through Daily Post. They will be obtained from the usual sources.