Vanuatu daily news digest | 18 December 2014

For decades now we have observed the Southern Hemisphere Journalistic Silly Season as starting round Christmas. It generally begins at the height of mid-summer, this coming Sunday, and goes on until everyone is back at work after holidays (March?). Wikipedia offers definitions ranging from "when journalists fill space reporting on frivolous events and activities" to "any slow news period characterized by trivial news or no news." Well, we’re in it.

Radio Vanuatu news headlines this morning … Human rights woman activist in Vanuatu Jenny Ligo says Vanuatu needs to re-consider the policy of ‘teaching Bislama in schools" because children learn it at home … Malampa Province has trained someone to work with the National Disaster Management Office … Centre Scope of the Vanuatu Central Hospital has expanded its business and has a local market house in Anabrou Park.

Daily Post headlines this morning … Coca-Cola looking at copying Vanuatu to put their drink into buy-back bottles like Tusker, and like Coke used to do elsewhere … Nurses and doctors receive more training on Ebola control … Eight from the Ifira kindy will graduate to Year 1 next year … The annual police operation to ensure peace and order over the holiday period – Operation Noelle – begins Friday.

These stories are all important to certain persons, and I do not wish to make any comment, other than it’s a period of trivial news or no news. We’re in the Vanuatu Silly Season.