Vanuatu daily news digest | 19 December 2014

Daily Post carries the main hard news today. BJ Skane reveals the 400 ton Lycianda cruise vessel has been re-floated by Performance Marine and removed from Iririki. Further leakage of fuel has been prevented by the company and it is now over to the port authorities to take the necessary decisions regarding sinking or other disposal. Performance Marine is giving a week’s supervision and care of the vessel whilst the further moves are decided.

Radio Vanuatu has the DG of Education, Roy Obed, defending the use of the vernacular – Bislama in teaching subjects in the first three years of schooling. Considerable research took place before the decision was taken, he said, speaking in answer to comment yesterday.

Radio Vanuatu News also had Efate MP Natou Taiwia opening the feeder road to Teouma Dark Bush. The 2 km road is to Teouma Avocat. It is a "dream come true" for the inland residents, lacking a speedy connection to schools and hospitals, and needing a road on which to send produce to town.

Post and Radio Vanuatu carry news of the taking over of the X-ray equipment donated by Turkey for bio-security, especially for inwards screening of imported produce. It rather stretches credulity in the Post rendering of the news in which it was alleged the Minister was on hand to witness the first smuggler (of a mango?) being caught coming into Vanuatu. He was fined VT 10.000 on the spot. Was he not a ‘plant’ to prove the efficacy of the equipment to the Ambassador and Minister? Machines have been installed at the Vila and Santo main wharves and airports, many thanks to Turkey.

The Vanuatu Times has come out with PM Natuman as the 2014 ‘Times Man of the Year’ and an excellent cover pic of our first Man Tanna PM. Well done.