Vanuatu daily news digest | 22 December 2014

Germany is said by Radio Vanuatu to be appealing the decision to permit kava into Europe once again, after the 2001 ban. No further details were available. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure has put out notice of bids being accepted for 5 new wharves. South Paray wharf (Port Vila), Simonsen wharf at Luganville, then Loltong (Pentecost), Lolowai (Ambae), Litzlitz and Port Sandwich (Malekula) and Lenakel (Tanna) are all to be renewed. This massive wharf renovation is part of the Inter-Island Shipping Support Project of the New Zealand Government and the Asian Development Bank, Radio Vanuatu News reported.

Daily Post today leads with the appointment of Lt Col Job Esau as Deputy Commissioner of the uniformed services whilst the Acting Commissioner (Aru Maralau) faces charges of conspiracy. The conspiracy (mutiny) cases are long, old and complicated and also involve misplaced loyalties and jealousies. The enquiries are taking place at the same time as the investigations into the bribery case against the 16 MPs of the Opposition, Post points out.

If you are interested in Port Vila you should buy the Daily Post today for a little more detail of the work being undertaken under the Strategic Planning Framework for the capital which will control future development. The plan will give guidance as to where urban renewal is proposed and explains how it is proposed to ensure that the interests of the whole community are balanced against the rights of property owners and developers. The town will be zoned according to requirements established by the planners. The ‘living environment’ is to be carefully considered along with amenities like footpaths. A statement is to be made available from the Department of Local Authorities. Public submissions based on that paper may be made by 9 April.

A Danish man without proper travel papers was brought from Vanikoro in the Solomons to the Torres recently where he is now in police custody. The item began VBTC Radio News this lunchtime. Enquiries are continuing.

Air Vanuatu and Aircalin have been able to make additional flights to New Caledonia to assist passengers inconvenienced by the strike at Tontouta and Magenta, VBTC announced today. No further information was given.