Vanuatu daily news digest | 2 January 2015

The news remains fairly Silly Season with VBTC leading this morning with the news carried a week ago by Daily Post of Shefa exceeding its tax revenue target. Shefa expects to be self-funding by 2020.

The continuing news interest is mainly with leadership at the Police. The head of the Police Service Commission, Colonel Job Esau, is now referred to as the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police, rather than Acting Commissioner, whilst having replaced Acting Commissioner Maralau who "stepped aside to appear in court on charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and soliciting false imprisonment with ten other police officers" (Daily Post) last January. Deputy Commissioner Esau is this morning "ordering completion" of the bribery case involving the 16 MPs, according to Post.

The news service at Digicel 406 has announced "Members of the 600-streong Vanuatu Police Force stationed all over the country are now being paid the salary package recommended by the Government Remuneration Tribunal." This raises the question as to why they were not previously being paid it.

Post today carries further encouraging information from UNELCO. They are entering into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for solar energy with the European Union and Vanuatu Government at the company’s wind farm at Kawene on Devil’s Point. The solar farm should be able to generate 5% or 6% of the whole of Efate electrification says Yves Morault, CEO.

Labour Commissioner Kaluat has told VBTC News his department is establishing the employment statistics for the country including numbers of those seeking work and the opportunities existing. He was explaining the government’s localization policy to VBTC.

Terry Adlington of Tanna Coffee Development, on return from the 2014 Vanuatu trade fair in Nouméa, told Radio Vanuatu he was pleased at the interest shown in Tanna coffee, there in New Caledonia. Tanna Coffee maintained a booth at the fair.

In Daily Post today the VTO has launched a new site for intending visitors to this country:

… whilst Digicel announces Digicel Space, one of the ‘cloud-based’ back-up services for mobile phone data including photos. Visit