Vanuatu daily news digest | 3 January 2015

A quiet New Year. Vila Central Hospital reported alcohol related fighting and domestic violence as the major causes of outpatient arrivals at the hospital over the holiday period VBTC News reported today. It seems, however, there was no marked increase in alcohol caused violence.There was only one severe traffic accident, involving nine people. However, only a mother and baby needed to be admitted. Pro Medical Emergency (VEMSA) ambulance services reported this holiday season as quiet compared with other years. There were only two New Year babies born on 1 January this year at VCH, Post reported, and showed one of the two girls in her first photo.

Daily Post reports the vast majority of the fishermen of the Vanuatu Fishermen’s Association wanting the Government offered goodwill payment rather than a VFA claim to a much larger amount which would need to go back to the courts and over which the Government disputes any VFA leadership claim to a legal requirement for payment. Following the reiteration of the Government position, and overwhelming fishermen’s support for it, VFA President Kunuan has backed down.

Post also reports the Government being fully behind the Chinese CCECC road contractors building their site headquarters at Lenamhi Bay south of Isangel. Local government states adequate notice of the area required was given to everyone. The project will create 45 kilometres of tar-sealed road on Tanna. The company then moves to Malekula for 40 km of Norsup and Lakatoro roads.

The Marobe land claim for compensation over lands encompassing Bauerfield airport and northern municipal land has been dismissed. The judgement of Chief Justice Lunabek, given on 11 December, is fully reported by BJ Skane in today’s Post.