Vanuatu daily news digest | 9 January 2015

19 Members of Parliament are under bail conditions after having appeared before the Magistrates Court yesterday. They are to re-appear in court on 16 March in the matter of the alleged VT 35 million bribery. They are forbidden from interfering with the judicial process and prosecution witnesses and from traveling overseas and must leave their air tickets with the Prosecution Office. And they must not become involved in any offence whilst on bail. Prosecutor Tristan Garae of the Public Prosecutor’s Office was quoted by VBTC News this morning. Two of those accused have still not appeared before the court because of travel difficulties the national broadcaster VBTC reported.

Daily Post has John William Timakata appointed as Acting Public Prosecutor in this matter, the alleged payments of VT 35 million as bribes to the MPs. Justice Minister Alfred Carlot says the new Public Prosecutor to come from the UK is hoped to be at post this year and Timakata, with much experience in the post as the first ni-Vanuatu PP, is appointed as Acting PP. Justice DG Mark Bebe warned the new acting PP that "obstacles, such as politics, may try to intervene in execution of justice to prevail, but we believe and have trust in you to execute your role as PP on a neutral basis."

Items remaining from Post yesterday and today …

Former Police Commissioner Caulton was dismissed for illegally arresting 10 officers, the Police Service Commission states. Caulton says he has not been given the chance to answer the claims which were made against him. He is seeking redress in court.

Former Custom Governance Coordinator Dickinson Tevi has won his case for wrongful dismissal under the Employment Act. The Malvatumuri is ordered to pay him VT 2.7 million.

Moana Carcasses has "refused a report that he no longer leads the Greens, says Post.

Cultural Centre Director Ambong Thompson is insistent Radio Vanuatu hands important historical audio tapes over to the Cultural Centre for the National Archives for preservation and digitisation.

Lenakel hospital will be without a doctor at the end of this month.