Vanuatu daily news digest | 10 January 2015

Further to the news of VBTC re-structuring, Daily Post today carries a little more concerning the technical improvements the national broadcaster is hoping to achieve…

A Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV) project will carry essential radio and TV services "crucial to the development and livelihood of the people of the country." It is certainly to be hoped that taking the TV digitally to the islands of Vanuatu will result in massively increased programming content and quality. Domestic Caledonian programmes are not crucial to development or livelihood in Vanuatu and seeing someone read the news as distinct from simply hearing them do so is not really any advantage. We wish VBTC, OGCIO and their task force (more interesting than a new 747 airport task force) well, and hope for more news soon. And, by the way, expressions of interest are presently being called.

A little more particularly unpleasant crime and violence is reported today. On VBTC a young mother allegedly taking the life of her 6-month old baby. In Daily Post a church – the Pillar of Life Ministry (?) – and homes being razed in a domestic conflict at South Santo.

Good news for some, though we are not sure who yet, and bad news for others, and a "disaster for the Opposition" Moana says, is the Industrial Improvement Act. It has already been passed by the present Parliament and must have been prepared under the previous administration and brought to Parliament by the present one. Further explanation is necessary and this blog hopes to obtain it.

The good news this weekend is the Philip Kating group meeting with other senior representatives of the Vanuatu Fishermen’s Association (VFA) in a fishermen’s custom reconciliation. They are "getting their house in order" to try and at least take advantage of the Government’s goodwill payment.