Vanuatu daily news digest | 13 January 2015

The depression south-west of the Solomons was commented on in Radio Vanuatu News just now, after word from the Meteo Office, as unlikely to develop into a cyclone.

A small drop of political news today … The newly appointed Secretary General of the Green Confederation, Jeremie Noar, says that MP Toara Daniel is the new President of the Greens, and MP Silas Yatan the Vice President. This is particularly interesting because neither name appears on the YTS list of those alleged to have received a million vatu from former party president Carcasses. The case is to be heard in the courts. MP Moana Carcasses remains the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament the SG says. (Daily Post)

Justice DG Mark Bebe is reported in Post today as asking the newly appointed acting Public Prosecutor, John William Timakata, to ensure people who commit crimes are not dealt with lightly. Often the prosecution has been weak, allowing the offender to bypass the real punishment deserved, said Bebe. Both the DG and Justice Minister have expressed confidence in the new PP.

Crime reporting continues this week. The eight suspects from South Santo in the 1 January church arson case will now appear in the Magistrates Court on 29 January. Four houses were also burned down according to VBTC News.

Sniffer dogs to combat increasing drug usage and trans-shipment are to be introduced by the police. They will be used here at airports as well as wharves as there seems to a substantial trade in marijuana arriving from other islands Radio Vanuatu reports.

Daily Post details a judgement which deals with a wife receiving a decision for VT 10 million damages after her husband cut off one hand and severely damaged the other.

Good news? Yes, Mele fishermen led by Dominique Govan would have won half a million vatu from mackerel caught off Mele at the weekend. News of the size of the catch quite quickly got out and people came from everywhere in the capital to buy strings of fish, Bon Marché too. (Daily Post)