Vanuatu daily news digest | 22 January 2015

Not a lot today. Both Daily Post and Radio Vanuatu News give major coverage to the Vanuatu People’s Investment and Equity Fund (VPIEF) purchasing a land title in Port Vila for their headquarters close to the VNPF. There are said to be 30,000 shareholders now who each pay VT 2.000 for their shares. A handout says "Vanuatu People’s Investment and Equity Fund is investing in local projects that have the interest of the people of Vanuatu. First projects within six months." One aim is to have 42 finance centres operating nationally. The Shepherd Islands already have 5. Significant questions arise as to the overhead costs of such a body.

In Post, the Vanuaaku Pati Head Office’s Jack Manuel distances the party from the Port Vila land compensation settlement. This came about in 1992 after the VP split which saw Fr Walter Lini voted out and UMP taking power under Maxime Carlot Koirman. Korman declared the compensation payment.

In further political news, Post has the Iauko Group expressing concern over the new greatly increased VT 1 million election petition fee.

And in further Deep Sea Mining news from Daily Post we learn that a documentary is being produced which will be used in the provincial consultation work for the Seabed Mining Policy formulation.