Vanuatu daily news digest | 23 January 2015

Time is at a premium today and the bulk of the news will be brought to you tomorrow.

However, the land owners of Takara, where the geo-thermal power source would be located, are requiring a further study of the Environment Impact Assessment and more involvement of the custom owners. Custiom owners are to go to New Zealand to study the benefits and other aspects of geo-thermal energy there.

Resuscitation of the Housing Corporation was ordained Wednesday night at Fresh Water Park, where the market is located. The Government is trying its best to revive the dysfunctional body which has not produced accounts for over a decade. Minister Ralph Regenvanu was at pains to point out that this resurrection will, ultimately, serve the people of Fresh Water as well as the citizenry of Vanuatu.

PACER Plus will be discussed by trade representatives from around the region at the Convention Centre, Le Lagon. Australia and New Zealand will have a presence and the meeting will be from 22 – 27 March.

MV Roimata is to bring the barge Nasama from New Caledonia to be used as a temporary wharf whilst the reconstruction projerct at the main wharf proceeds.

More tomorrow.