Vanuatu daily news digest | 27 January 2015

Radio Vanuatu today leads with the alleged police mutiny case of some years ago being delayed until next month following confusion as to who really is the Prosecutor in the matter. VBTC went on to quote RNZI saying Acting Public Prosecutor John William Timakata arrived in court Monday to find New Zealander Christopher Griggs ready to take the case. Griggs was said to be appointed last August by the then Acting Public Prosecutor to prosecute the case against former Commissioner Joshua Bong. Two weeks ago, Griggs was declared a prohibited immigrant. The Attorney General, however, says no work permit as such would have been required of Griggs as he was hired to provide a particular service, not as a government employee. Former Commissioner Bong had filed a complaint against Griggs saying he was not registered to practise law in Vanuatu. The case will now be heard on 13 February.

And the official opening of the Vanuatu Supreme Court will be on Friday at the Sarabetu church of the Churches of Christ. It might be hoped the Chief Justice would have a comment on the matter of the Prosecutions process regarding Griggs along with a further plea for a new court building.

Both newspaper and Radio Vanuatu have carried comment on the Mautoa hill question relevant to the sale of quarry material. Further information will be sought The radio report of today does not exactly answer the newspaper allegation of yesterday.

Yesterday’s Post carried news of new marine environment protection for the Lelema people of North Efate, Devil’s Point to Havana Harbour. Unlicensed fishermen will be prosecuted.

Radio Vanuatu made it clear today that it was indeed broadcasting on only two frequencies, FM100 and 3945 short wave. It was suggested that thus all could hear it. This is only true if they have retained much more expensive equipment to cater for shortwave when many only now hold small AM or FM units. VBTC is trying to bring back all transmission services. It was good, however, to hear the BBC at 7 am today for some 25 minutes on Radio Vanuatu.

The Port Vila cemetery has new lighting and the Municipality hopes to build a chapel there in future. It is also investing in coffin production – to raise revenue.