Vanuatu daily news digest | Australia’s huge aid package

Australian High Commissioner Jeremy Bruer’s Australia Day address was a well received and impressive statement of the contribution of Vanuatu’s major development partner.

It was good to have figures put on aspects of the assistance to education given by Australia. However, the most important statistic has possibly not reached the final audit stage – the sheer cost of sending many of the country’s children to school in 2014. School grants to primary schools to enable families to send their children to school is so important under the Vanuatu Education Support Program, and likely more expensive than the highlight of 2014 – the practical school-based further training of 700 primary teachers. However, the shared nature of of education assistance possibly makes it impossible to ascertain how many kids were educated by Australia last year.. Suffice to say, a lot.

High Commissioner Bruer’s address is attached. A normal Vanuatu daily news digest follows later today.

150123 Australia Day 2015 High Commissioner’s speech-1.pdf