Vanuatu daily news digest | PM Natuman outlines 2015 priorities

The good news days for the journalist are coming, just as the Vanuatu diplomats from all posts have arrived. More likely because they have arrived, and for them to learn of Government objectives and policies and to urge their support at their remote locations for what carries forward as the values of Vanuatu at Independence and still held and relevant today. Prime Minister Natuman outlined Government policy to them Monday at their retreat at Pele, North Efate. Daily Post carries the detail, concentrating firstly on the renewed Vanuatu commitment to Independence for New Caledonia and West Papua. Diplomatic relations continue with Indonesia, said PRO Kiery Manassah, and Vanuatu will therefore continue to address the coloniser on the matter of West Papuan self-determination. Top priority for Vanuatu for 2015 will be to increase allocations for the productive sectors – fisheries, agriculture, forestry, livestock and quarantine to "generate an export base to help boost revenue." Secondly there is an increased allocation to the industry sector: co-operatives, ni-Vanuatu business and the department of tourism to boost relations between trade and tourism development and again to increase export capacity. Third is a priority to have lands registered in compliance with the laws of the country. And in social policy priorities, as well as increasing resources to the National Health Service, Vanuatu will merit a National Population Policy, at last. The Daily Post goes on to describe the road projects, wharf projects for Luganville and Vila, rural electrification and the Port Vila Urban Development Project – along with Port Vila’s Bauerfield Airport over-laying. Eight senior diplomats from Beijing, the UN, Canberra, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Shanghai were present for the opening. The Brussels ambassador was expected to arrive later. DGs and departmental directors are also present for the meeting which ends tomorrow.

A further Vanuatu daily news digest follows later.