Vanuatu daily news digest | 30 January 2015

The biggest news today is of the Bank of South Pacific Limited takeover of Westpac, not only here, but in the Cooks, Solomons, Tonga and Samoa. The Port Moresby banking giant has entered into an agreement with the Westpac operations in the five countries to take over their operations and enter into a new partnership with existing clients in those place for AUD 125 million. Staff are to be retained. There is adequate news of the take-over in the major media.

Some of the major partners in the new coalition are meeting today at the Malvatumauri to discuss re-unification.

Ifira General Services have been ordered to improve safety at Maltauirki quarry behind the main wharf.

The YTP newspaper second edition is out today.

A more satisfactory Vanuatu daily news digest will be sent tomorrow.