Vanuatu daily news Digest | 2 February 2015

Next year’s general election will be accompanied by a referendum PM Joe Natuman advised in the VP and allied parties’ reformation meeting Friday. The referendum is intended to target political instability (floor crossing by independent candidates, changes of affiliation, etc.) and provide grace periods in which motions of no confidence will be limited. PM Natuman is also hoping other parties might join his initiative towards stability, Daily Post today points out.

Post also tells us today that Nagriamel spokesman Jeff Joel Patunvanu has said Nagriamel wants to promote closer relations with the VP. Nagriamel has invited the Prime Minister to open the Nagriamel People’s Congress next month at Vanafo. Patunvanu points out the proximity of the Nagriamel and Vanua’aku Party agendas before Indepoendence for the country’s political freedom.

Schools have resumed today.

Pastor Alan Nafuki, PCV Assembly Clerk, tells Post readers today that the Presbyterian Church is hoping to have tertiary studies available in 2016 through a university which the 2014 PCV Assembly decided was desirable, location still under discussion

Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department is improving the disaster risk management equipment around the country following agreement with a donor partner in 2012. The Japanese Government has agreed to assist as regards daily observations and monitoring of geological and meteorological hazards. New equipment is expected to arrive this month says Radio Vanuatu News today.

The Port Vila Municipal Council is strengthening the sister city relationship it enjoys with other places. Shanghai is to improve traffic signage in the capital. Dumbea in New Caledonia will assist the fire service said Mayor Ulrich Sumtoh. The municipality is expecting to take over the fire service in order to have more support from the business community the Mayor told the listeners to VBTC this morning.

Two weekly features in Post are particularly helpful today. "Vanuatu beef value chain at a glance" helpfully and handily shows how governments’ downsizing of services relative to Livestock have affected small-holder development of the market. Peter Wederell’s Total Marine Solutions questions how the MV Renaissance could have ended up on the well charted reef near Lamap (in last night’s over-kava conversations "mysterious lights" occupied a certain place) and its being dragged off in a seriously unprofessional manner.