Vanuatu daily news Digest | 4 February 2015

Not a lot today …

However, it is good to have the Victorian Bar Association assisting in honing court advocacy skills for lawyers and prosecutors in Vanuatu. Daily Post reports the blossoming of the ni-Vanuatu participating lawyers’ skills relevant to the courtroom during a week of training recently held. Today Post also reports our re-offending rate for prisoners on an international scale as a "comparatively low" 18%. Post also details the launch of the Erakor Area Council, now leaving Eratap as the only Shefa community without an area council, so important for dealing with land issues. The appointment of Kalo Pakoa as Director of Fisheries is announced today. Former Director Moses Amos is now working regionally with the SPC.

Radio Vanuatu News led this morning with the Council of Ministers announcement of a retreat for ministers, DGs, first political appointees and departmental directors. It will give further consideration to the policy issues which were raised by Vanuatu’s representatives in diplomatic posts around the world when they came together at Pele island off North Efate. Revenue raising will be high on the list and declared 2015 policy priorities will be further examined. The retreat will be held on Iririki.

More soon.