Vanuatu daily news Digest | 5 February 2015

Today’s bulletin lacks Daily Post news. This will be given tomorrow. Today’s Digest comes from Radio Vanuatu News – early morning edition only.

Scientists of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) of PNG are in Vanuatu to visit project sites of the NARI EU root crop experimentation project. Improved varieties of kumala, yam and manioc are under scrutiny, as well as livestock research on fowls and pigs in the tropical island climate. The project is greatly assisted by NGOs. Food scientist Antoine Ravou explained that the visit will show the colleagues progress achieved by communities and leading farmers at North Efate and Middle Bush in Tanna. Food processing, as with manioc and kumala chips, and the manufacture and preservation of manioc flour, are also areas on which the visitors will focus. And the use of local materials in farm yard construction for fowls and pigs, and good local diets for such livestock, are also topics under discussion.

Next week sees the start of the work on the main wharf at Santo. The Shanghai Construction Group is responsible for the major project and PM Natuman and the Chinese Ambassador Xie Bohua will be present.

The retreat for ministers, DGs, first political appointees and departmental directors, which will give further consideration to the policy issues of the present government, is understood to be taking place today at Iririki. It is scheduled for completion tomorrow.

Shefa Secretary General Michel Kalworai wants Shefa area councils to work together for revenue collection for the province. Shefa has updated its area councils and now only lacks a council for the Eratap land holdings.