Vanuatu daily news Digest | 7 February 2015

In Daily Post today the former Prime Minister (Carcasses) is outraged that the accused senior police officers, their co-accused (and the "significant political influence which these gentlemen were known to have") should not be able to be prosecuted by their own choice of prosecutor. They had chosen a foreigner, one Christopher Griggs, who had been working for them. Griggs "did not in fact receive one vatu from the Vanuatu Police Force for all the work he did," says Carcasses. One wonders what work he did do. But Carcasses is pleased over one thing: "Fortunately there are people in this Republic who do believe in the Constitution and the rule of law who were prepared to continue funding the important work Mr Griggs was doing." He does not say who are these people anxious to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. The Digest editor will leave you to read up on all Carcasses has to say in today’s paper.

In Radio Vanuatu News today the Government PRO Kiery Manassah expresses the Government’s concern that Carcasses may well have been involved in the funding of Griggs’ work for which a contract remains to be discovered. Manassah cautions Carcasses in making further statements as he is doing.

Radio Vanuatu News this morning also advises the appointment of a new judge to the Supreme Court by the Head of State, and quite properly making his promise before President Lonsdale and Chief Justice Lunabek, the rule of law quite correctly obeyed. From the United Kingdom, Judge Richard Daniel Chetwin brings the total of the Supreme Court judiciary to seven including the Chief Justice.

In Daily Post we have the correction mentioned yesterday over the PR visa (whatever that is) being suspended. Not the CIIP after all. CIIP stays, it’s the PR Visa which is suspended. The PR visa is a product of the Hong Kong Capital Investment Entry Scheme (so here’s a new acronym – HKCIES) which was the objective of investors in the Permanent Resident Visa – PRV – programme operated by the Hong Kong company Pacific Resource Group Ltd (PRG). So that’s dropped by the wayside, but not CIIP. Since mid-last year CIIP, Vanuatu Registry Services Ltd (VRS), based in Hong Kong, the exclusive worldwide distributor of the CIIP, says it has brought VT 450 million into Vanuatu of which more than half has gone into the government’s coffers. Whether this is at the Reserve Bank, or Vantu Bank, set up to receive such money, or not, is not made clear. Nor is it revealed where, or to whom and for what, the other half went. Again the Digester leaves you to get the paper and read the lines and what lies between them.

Good reading.