Vanuatu daily news Digest | 11 February 2015

Not a lot today.

However, Prime MInister Natuman and his government have come out swiftly to commend PNG PM O’Neill’s strong statement about the oppression of the West Papuans and Vanuatu’s gratitude for the largest Melanesian country taking such a firm leadership position in the matter. PM O’Neill’s remarks were reported earlier today in this Digest following Radio New Zealand coverage of his address to a PNG Leaders’ Conference last week. Vanuatu PRO Kiery Manassah pointed out that this is a new direction, and long overdue, for the PNG leadership, in Radio Vanuatu lunchtime news today.

Housing Corporation Chairman John Salong announced in Radio Vanuatu News the Freshwota martket would re-locate to the AVL stage on Freshwota field. The re-location was suggested to start today.

Daily Post records a busy weekend for the ProMedical workers after removing a trapped driver from a crashed bus at Korman at 4 am Saturday. ProMedical had just received a full and new set of Jaws of Life equipment donated by PT Hydraulics in Australia on which training took place. Recyclecorp is anxious to remove vehicle wrecks from anyone’s yard free of charge in order to assist ProMed’s training activities.

Both Daily Post and Radio Vanuatu make references to the Police Commissioner case which is before the courts, and Post refers to the VNCW employment case awaiting a decision in a few days. However, costs of VT 10 million vatu are refused in a case brought by a contractor against PWD.