Vanuatu daily news Digest | 12 February 2015

There is really more news than this for today, especially Daily Post news, but something seems wrong with mailout. You will get it all the major stories i.d.c.

Malekula people have assured a government awareness team there will be no disturbance to the project of their rural electrification. It is the start of a European Union project to install generators for electricity supply to certain qualifying communities in Malekula, Ambae and the Banks. However, certain changes were instituted by the government for the Malekula part of the project because the Unelco company is already represented on Malekula and, it appears, able to extend its network as far as Vao. An awareness team has visited the villages concerned. Government is paying some VT 140 million towards the electrification of the area Radio Vanuatu News reported this morning.

Radio Vanuatu mentioned inability of the Supreme Court to hear some 20 cases this week in Luganville. The hearings, including the Akhamb homicide case, have been re-listed for next week. Chief Justice Lunabek foresaw such difficulties when Justice Saksak was brought back to Port Vila. The CJ indicated in his court opening address a fortnight ago that it is a high priority of the Judiciary to improve the disposal rate of cases in Santo by ensuring more weeks there by a collective group of judges visiting. Video conferencing will also assist urgent matters.

More tomorrow.