Vanuatu daily news Digest | 13 February 2015 (2)

A writer to this news service from a well-known international investment advisory service today raises a question along the lines of "how is it possible for United Development Bank of the Pacific (UDBP) to deal locally with the Vanuatu Government?" He says UDBP is an offshore licensed bank in Vanuatu and is therefore prevented by law in dealing with the government.

That said the UDBP promises on page 1 of Daily Post to build Vanuatu’s tallest building on a "vacant car park opposite Golden Port Restaurant and Hotel at Nambatu" which cannot be recognised in the artist’s impression of the new building in a vast wooded parkland.

Post draws further attention to the awful events surrounding the MV Renaissance going on the reef at Lamap on 27 January. It was the same vessel which ran out of fuel near Lelepa late last year. There are allegedly on-going engine problems, and now the navigating system is blamed for the Lamap accident. Crew were sacked on the spot at Lamap although some have been found and interviewed by Ports and Harbours personnel. Two hundred passengers were on board at the time of the mishap.

The Telecoms Regulator (TRR) is warning of penalties for the illegal operation of radio equipment, ie such equipment which does not have their approval and licence. All airlines have taken exception to a massive rates hike. TRR takes out a page in Post as a "Re-publication" of their licensing policy.

Post’s Transparency page today reports on a Pacific Media and Advocacy Workshop this week in Port Vila and expresses great concern over the current inability of residents of Freswota to work together to resolve the many problems which face the community.