Vanuatu daily news Digest | 18 February 2015

A political and Constitutional reform meeting is beginning today Radio Vanuatu reports. Prime Minister Natuman has invited the presidents of political parties to attend the meeting which begins at 2 pm at Parliament. Government PRO Kiery Manassah said the meeting is in preparation for a workshop on 25 and 26 February which will have the presence of Commonwealth experts to offer suggestions for political and Constitutional reform. A review paper prepared by Prof Don Paterson is the "starting point" for discussion Daily Post adds.

On Sunday at Beverley Hills, Lands Minister Regenvanu handed over a title to the Beverley Hills community leaders to enable them to accommodate a school, sports complex, a clinic and a produce market, Post reported yesterday. Developer David Russet agreed to enable the transfer to government free of charge.

Post today leads with a list of countries and areas in which Foreign Affairs is hoping to establish new diplomatic posts. North America and Canada, Russia, ASEAN countries, the Caribbean and many other places are listed.

The story of the Eel and other children’s tales from Uripiv were launched in Uripiv language, Bislama, English and Chinese on Monday – all in the one book in the presence of the senior students of Central School, Port Vila. The book is evocatively illustrated with every element of every story by artist Ralph Regenvanu in a manner which will involve parents and teachers trying to find all the main elements from the stories in the illustrations, encouraging discussion in the relevant language, Daily Post reports today.

Radio Vanuatu and Daily Post have both reported the sudden death of Diane Araki head of the UNICEF office in Port Vila. Diane Araki was described by the Pacific Regional Director of UNICEF, Karen Allan, as a talented and dedicated member of the UNICEF team. She was committed to building a better and safer world for everyone, the Regional Director said. Araki joined UNICEF in 2001 and came to Vanuatu in 2013.

Minister of Climate Change, James Bule, has been chairing a one-day consultation on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction intended to establish a policy in connection with both big topics. The policy document, DG Jotham Napat said, in speaking to Radio Vanuatu, would assist departments and line agencies and NGOs. Minister Bule wanted the ideas of every sector of Vanuatu life discussing the topic.

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