Vanuatu daily news Digest | 19 February 2015

Not a lot today, but a couple of good news items in brief. The new code share with Air Niugini and Solomon Airlines will facilitate Asian visitors’ arrivals and enable them to come more directly than via just about anywhere else. Port Moresby will be the interim hub, hopefully consigning to the dustbin anyone’s expectations for jumbo jet facilities at Rentabau. Whatever is wanted here as regards closer air and trade links with the Asian continent will be will be so much better provided for. And half of Efate won’t have to be given away (as was planned to tobacco growers) for generations as the Task Force wanted.

Then the other good news item is Unelco welcoming the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Geodynamics for the geothermal energy source at Takara. The way is now open, Unelco says, for exploratory drilling and Unelco has developed a framework in which the two companies can work together. Unelco says "Efaté now has many proven traditional and renewable energy generation options – thermal, wind, solar biomass, coco-fiuel, for example – and geothermal would be an interesting addition to the mix." Too right.