Vanuatu daily news Digest | 21 February 2015

Almost no news at all today … More column inches went to the cult leader Debra Burslem than any other story.

The "waet missus" cargo cult figure Debra Burslem, who has allegedly made money out of buying and selling businesses in Vanuatu, is said to have fled the Australian Tax Office because they were doing the devil’s bidding. She, Burslem, was "doing God’s work" according to another waet missus, one presumes, who worked for her (and God, one also imagines) in the Magnificent Meal Movement. The Independent today lists businesses which have been purchased by Burslem, whether they offer magnificent meals or not, and announces her plan to have her business partner John Tonner obtain Vanuatu citizenship and run for election.

Daily Post this weekend advises the Opposition Leader being unwell and therefore unable to hold his press conference yesterday. He was well enough to do the shopping this morning.