The dirt at VBTC

As Konsen Citizen writes In Daily Post Letters to the Editor at the weekend, the national broadcaster is in a terrible and dirty mess.

It is in a political mess based on requiring the Corporation to reflect the composition and play-offs of the coalition. It is in a financial mess because of too many Board Members and/or Staff wanting more than they are entitled to receive.

It is in a technical mess because of not having the technical savvy to run its transmitters properly. At least one shortwave frequency is off, yet VBTC does not call on in-country expertise which could help. The head of the regional broadcasting aid agency PACMAS, Francis Herman, recently enlisted assistance from Telsat’s Rod Smith to get Radio Australia available again, and BBC as well. Because of public concern.

Konsern Citizen gives us the e-mail link to the Auditor-General’s report of recent years on how much dirt there was then at VBTC. You can find it here:

Read it. You will be appalled.

This Vanuatu daily news Digest has recently spoken to a number of the “founding fathers” of VBTC in its new home in 1980, and finds them all horrified that the selection panel for the position of GM should have chosen to re-appoint he who has presided over this mess. We have and must have professionals to run the airline. And we must have professionals to run the air waves. Not politicians.