Vanuatu daily news Digest | Death of Charlot Long Wah

Radio Vanuatu News reports in its mid-day bulletin today the death of an important figure in the history of this country, Charlot Long Wah. Long Wah was an advocate for primary producers to add value to their products and spent a lifetime encouraging this. He was a pioneer in kava production for export and in the use and treatment of tropical nuts. Kava Store at Anabrou was until recently his family business, possessing a regional reputation. He died this morning at the Vila Central Hospital.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news Digest | Death of Charlot Long Wah”

  1. Anna Naupa says:

    Thank you Bob for sharing this sad news. Charlot provided a great service to Vanuatu both domestically with primary producers but also internationally, having worked closely with the Solomon Islands as well to help them develop their primary products. I will always remember his talks on radio, including his active participation in national talk-back radio over the years (he always introduced himself and had great insights), and his personal generosity to those who visited the Kava Store in Anabrou. Rest in Peace Charlot.