Vanuatu daily news Digest | 27 February 2015

Radio Vanuatu News sounded to be in its death throes on FM100 a short while ago with lengthy breaks between and within stories. No explanation was ever given.

The leading Radio Vanuatu News stories began with the announcement of the Minister Responsible for Climate Change saying there is now a defined "no go zone" on Ambrym. The volcanic disturbance continues at level 3.

Another item of national importance had Minister Tosul announcing his agricultural policy objective of restoring the positions of field assistants which were largely all withdrawn during the period know as CRP (the Comprehensive Reform Programme). In a country where everyone owns land, the ‘Nineties withdrawal of the services of farming experts in the neighbourhoods was never understood – nor appreciated.

Radio Vanuatu reported significant tributes to the life and contribution to rural society of the late Charlot Long Wah who died yesterday. First Head of State Ati George Sokomanu spoke of the arrival of the Long Wah family in the country and of Charlot’s unique place in the rural community and the marketing of kava, nangae and other nuts.

Godwin Ligo gives an excellent and complete account of Charlot Long Wah in today’s Daily Post. And Charlot is quoted saying "I have done what I can and will continue to do it to assist [the people of Vanuatu]" just a week before his passing away. We are also reminded of the Long Wah contribution to Independence, the first National Arts Festival and Charlot’s rather more youthful services to radio-communications and to Radio Vila,.

Much space is also given in Daily Post today to an MP Willie Jimmy claim there will be a one billion vatu deficit this year, largely because of the failure of the Hong Kong capital investment scheme. The former Finance Minister, MP Jimmy calls on the Task Force overseeing this scheme to explain to Members of Parliament what went wrong with the scheme that "caused the suspension of the PRG Programme" that will cost the government VT 900 million. The public, as well as MPs, wants to know.