Vanuatu daily news Digest | 2 March 2015

Daily Post leads today’s reportage with an amazing photo of the Seven Stars area flooding on Saturday, a boat the only transportation, and stopped by a woman waist deep in floodwaters in the middle of the ‘high street’ of the Seven Stars Anabrou suburb.

Daily Post fully reports the Prime Minister’s speech at the Lini Day observations and remembrance on Pentecost a week ago.

Internal Affairs Minister Charlot Salwai has met with RSE workers in New Zealand to further discuss how RSE returnees can better engage in and promote Vanuatu’s productive rural sector – especially coffee, kava, cocoa and taro – which New Zealand buys regionally. This would need to be accomplished with the assistance of the Ministry of Trade, Radio Vanuatu News states today.

Radio Vanuatu also details the widening gap between teacher needs and availability with population increase. At secondary level there is a shortage of 174 teachers: at primary level it is 198. Classes are being taught comprising as many as 50 pupils. The government is trying to find the means to increase graduate teacher output at the training college, VITE.

Charlot Long Wah’s funeral and contribution to society are also adequately covered in Post.

Furthermore that paper announces a Department of Tourism launch of a booklet for entrants to rural tourism business. It will be extremely helpful to a new industry.


One Comment on “Vanuatu daily news Digest | 2 March 2015”

  1. Tony says:

    Hi News Digest,
    With regards the big rush to train new teachers, the “powers that be” may do well to look very seriously at retaining existing teachers. Like paying them on time every time & supplying all the educational materials needed on time every time.

    The shortage number of teachers quoted surely did not happen overnight.

    My tupence worth!