Vanuatu daily news Digest | 4 March 2015

In Daily Post today, Godwin Ligo very reasonably questions what happened to the 1986 Physical Plan for Port Vila created by British planner David Corscaden. There are also four additional photos of the floodwaters in the main streets. This morning, Wednesday, four days after the worst of the flooding, there was still one-way only in the main road through Man Ples. Ligo is of course unable to answer what did happen with the Plan which covered long-term solutions to a range of problems. Public discussions were to provide wider consultation and involve government, the private sector, municipality, PWD, Police and residents’ representatives. The Plan was sought by the Ministry of Home Affairs. And it is surely only reasonable the Plan be re-located and form part of discussions which are surely needed before the aid-funded road and drainage work we have so recently been again promised by a Vanuatu government.

Post highlights 38 government agencies being investigated by the Public Accounts Committee headed by MP Marcellino Pipite. Included are contracted development, aid-funded projects like the Inter-Island Shipping Support Project of New Zealand and the Port Vila Urban Development Project and Transport Sector Support provided by Australian Aid. The VNPF, VBTC and VFSC are amongst the high profile SOEs.

Post is also particularly interesting on the Australian funded hours of maritime aerial surveillance to protect the country from illegal, un-reported un-regulated – IUU – fishing activities. Samoa Air offers special aerial services from Bauerfield to enable reports to the Tukoro for its surface patrols.

Radio Vanuatu News today led with the government planning a department to be concerned with water. There is presently duplication of many activities concerned with water supply. There are two Acts of Parliament and two authorities dealing with water, regionally and municipally, Lands Minister Regenvanu advised through the national broadcaster.


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  1. tessnc says:

    I’m not sure about the use of the word ‘investigated’ in relation to the activity of the PAC – review of audits projects and SOEs etc is a normal function of the PAC whereas the use of the term ‘investigate’ implies that there is some sort of alleges mis/malfeasance requiring specific activity on the part of the PAC.

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