Vanuatu daily news Digest | 10 March 2015

Not a lot of news, but at least we might soon be headed towards a Warning. A tropical cyclone has formed, but whilst still not on our tracking map it is not a long way north of the northern islands. Keep checking with Radio Vanuatu said the depression-now-cyclone has the name of Pam. Heavy rains are forecast to continue.

Radio Vanuatu reported that Health Department employee claims outstanding are in the process of being cleared by government – an amount of VT 300 million. They are expecting completion by mid-year. Health Minister Wells said this was why health services had not improved. Despite the wishes of some in the service, Minister Wells points out in Post today a foreign hospital superintendent will be needed and nurse recruitment in the Solomons needs must proceed.

Daily Post reports an amazing Commonwealth Day Schools Quiz yesterday. Ecole Francaise beat Central School, Peter Pan and PVIS, and trailing were Malapoa, Lycee LAB and Vila East.

Daily Post yesterday and today also records the concern at the possible kava ban in Australia of producers of the product here in the capital. They are annoyed at Australian assistance to a project to manufacture bottled kava in Fiji, claiming it will damage the local export market.

Radio Vanuatu News yesterday morning began with Agriculture Minister Tosul preaching the value of "Family Farming" as another way of ensuring food security. Farmers should primarily consider production to supply the health needs of all the members of their families, then only sell the excess.

The government is looking to upgrade the services in Pepsi, Luganville. Health Minister Wells spoke on Radio Vanuatu of the need to provide safe, clean water and a dispensary for the 3,000 people re needed as required under UN conventions.