Vanuatu daily news Digest | 21 March 2015

By now you are used to your Digest editor’s inability to cope on anyone else’s computer, whilst his own is still awaiting electricity. This morning, however, electricity appears only a few houses away. And the other good news is that the Digicel network is reaching all of the islands it covers telephonically so family news is getting out and around and those who have been waiting so long for news of family and friends in outer islands are now getting it. Radio Vanuatu now says it has both shortwave services on the air (pity they weren’t there last Friday when the warnings were thick and fast) and the big news is the aid – food distribution beginning today. This is to all areas the PM and Climate Change Minister told a press conference yesterday – islands of the northern, central and southern sectors: 3,000 cartons of corned beef and 3,600 of tinned fish. Especially interesting – the government is buying 1,348,000 cabbage seedlings with the help of Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies to enable people to start planting again, so necessary now that all wind damaged root crops are finished. Hand operated gardening tools are also being supplied. We are getting there. No need here and now for all the players in the aid game, and what and when they are giving. And your Digest editor will be back in the next day or two from home base – he hopes.