Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 25 March 2015

Acting Central Hospital Superintendent Dr Richard Leona is calling for more blood donors on page 1 of Daily Post today. They are receiving referrals from throughout the country since Cyclone Pam. However, they also have on hand an excellent team of medical officers from other countries who are assisting the local professionals. Daily Post makes it clear who should and who should not give blood at this time.

A smooth food distribution has proceeded in Freshwota, Post reports, using the community structure of the suburb. There were earlier concerns that difficulties might have arisen in the neighbourhood, but Councillor Sauwia is pleased with progress.

The Chiefs’ Nakamal may well cost VT 15 million in rebuilding according to the Malvatumauri President Chief Tirsupe. There was also reported to be theft at the Malvatumauri during passage of the cyclone. It would represent a major achievement for the present chiefly representatives if they could secure sufficient materials and labour to enable reconstruction without calling on national services’ funding.

TVL has considerable space in Daily Post today explaining how it is working 24/7. However, CEO Bheekhoo admits "Tanna has been badly impacted and needs a special attention in this post Cyclone Pam period."