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Port Vila, Vanuatu (24 March 2015) The Honorable Prime Minister of Vanuatu Joe Natuman and the United

Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Vanuatu Ms. Osnat Lubrani launched a humanitarian response Flash

Appeal today in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Tropical Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu 11 days ago as a Category 5, causing widespread damage across the

archipelago. It destroyed infrastructure, homes and livelihoods in a country where more than 70 per cent of the

population relies on subsistence agriculture. Government-led joint assessments identified 166,000 people in

urgent need of life-saving assistance.

The Flash Appeal seeks US$29.9 million to ensure that initial support provided by the Government, donors and

humanitarian partners can be sustained to cover the needs of affected people until 24 June 2015. This includes

the provision of life-saving assistance in four priority areas: water, food, shelter and health care, with other key

areas including protection for vulnerable groups and assistance to return children to school.

The appeal amount reflects both the scale of the need, and the significant logistical challenges linked to

providing an effective large-scale humanitarian response in a remote Pacific island country.

While valuable Government and community preparedness activities minimized the loss of life, critical needs

remain. Around 75,000 people are in need of shelter and 110,000 people do not have access to safe drinking


“The people affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam face serious immediate risks to their health and wellbeing, as

well as threats to their livelihoods and future resilience to disasters,” Ms. Lubrani said. “Today we stand with

the Government of Vanuatu and urgently seek the support of the international community at a time of immense


Working in close collaboration with the Government, which is leading response operations in each of the

affected areas, the humanitarian community in Vanuatu has identified ten sectors on which to focus for the

coming three months.

“Although the people of Vanuatu have shown immense resilience and strength at this difficult time, more urgent

assistance is required to ensure that Vanuatu can focus on recovering from this disaster – and that potentially

life-threatening impacts from disease, food insecurity and a lack of shelter can be avoided,” Ms. Lubrani said.

Ms. Lubrani also commended the Government for its leadership and commitment to equitable, effective and

accountable distribution of humanitarian relief and future rebuilding efforts.

The Flash Appeal for Vanuatu presents a unified set of funding needs to donors in each sector and provides a

plan and concise overview of urgent life-saving needs, supporting long-term recovery for the affected