Vanuatu Daily News Digest 30 March 2015

The craven utterances of the Leader of the Opposition in Saturday’s press, as numerous volunteers were trying to return Vanuatu to normalcy, are rejected outright by Prime Minister Natuman today. PM Natuman, in Daily Post, spoke of his government’s requirement to offer moral support and comfort to the many as the work of rehabilitation goes on. He also observed that politicians have caused more relief coordination problems than good and promised he would do his best to ensure the Director of the National Disaster Committee and the NDMO coordinate their efforts with the international partners. Government sources also revealed a "right hand MP of the Opposition Leader" trying to hijack certain relief efforts on Tanna.

63 residents of Mataso, especially school children with parents in Port Vila, and the elderly and disabled, arrived in the capital Saturday night, on the Solomons patrol boat assisting the aid effort, the Auki. Two people died on the island with the passage of cyclone Pam.

A second Chinese cargo place carrying tents, tarpaulins and food was welcomed in the capital late last week by the Chinese Ambassador and Climate Change Minister Bule. More generosity from China is expected in the coming days with the arrival of rice and generators.

RVS Tukoro personnel, their ship driven ashore on Saturday night at Moso, are reporting directly on the matter to the Acting Commissioner of Police, Job Esau. The Commissioner said he was pleased at the way in which the 17-man crew put the vessel ashore where it was safe, with no lives lost.

Students of USP Emalus campus have played a part in getting education rehabilitated in Mlampa. They raised money to help the provincial education officer in the disaster zones.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest 30 March 2015”

  1. Nasimal says:

    My advice to our opposition leader , this is not the time and place to scream cowardly to our Prime Minister . This is the time , everyone should help our Island Nation State back to normality or back to its feet and learn some lessons from the devastation of tropical cyclone PAM . I think our PM should call a meeting for all of our Provincial government Heads to come with some sensible ideas how to deal with future situation like the one we just had . 1. We know cyclone seaon period and roughly pathway of cyclone each year except strength , varies . 2. Do we make right preparation before the cyclone season arrives ? 3. Each home , families or communities must have enough emergency food rations to survive for a week or two during cyclone season . 4. Seen too many shanties been used on the outskirts as permenant dewellings around the capital . 5. Make sure road infrastructures in Santo and Malekula are upgrade so in time of need ,they could support the southern and north east provinces . These ideas are only to see the way forward . Thank you and pray our AHAYAH bless our leaders, Countries that help us and the people of Vanuatu .