Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Huge additional Australian relief

PACNEWS Second Edition

Thursday 16 April 2015



PACNEWS 2: Thu 16 Apr 2015

Another $5 million for Vanuatu: Bishop

CANBERRA, 16 APRIL 2015 (AAP/RNZI) —Australia will provide an extra $5 million (US$3.8 million) to Vanuatu as it continues to recover from deadly Cyclone Pam.

The funding will be spent on urgent repairs to schools and health infrastructure, as well as helping restore food sources, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has announced.

Australia already has donated $10 million (US$7.7 million) in emergency relief.

Meanwhile, Vanuatu’s Port Vila Hospital is in urgent need of blood and is calling for donations. Blood specialist Neil Walters says there was a shortage of blood before last month’scyclone but now supplies are at an even more desperate level.

Walters says the hospital’s stock is nearly empty which is causing concern as its operations continue. “We’re still having babies born. There’s still surgery, people still getting sick. There’s also patients being referred from the other islands so demand has gone up a bit. Also at the same time people are busy post-cyclone. There’s a little bit of flu going around at the moment so donations have dropped off a bit.”

Walters says the hospital is in need of at least six donors per day to meet demand….PACNEW