Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 18 April 2015

The complaints concerning inaccurate reporting of aid distribution are rife in the media this weekend and the Media Association of Vanuatu – MAV – is counselling journalists to check all information they receive. This follows from the anger expressed by the Prime Minister that a child had reportedly died from hunger on Tanna as a result of slow progress with food relief. The Independent opens with reporting today that "Government rations are inadequate". Thence follows complicated mathematics based on UN figures for daily rice consumption in countries where rice is the staple food. Our consumption is only close to the UN recommended figure, says the Independent, "thanks to the continuing almost daily support from the North Efate expat community". MP Gillion from Lelepa, however, confirms that relief food did arrive on Lelepa unlike what was stated by certain individuals claiming to be chiefs. The full accounting of relief and where it went will not be assembled until much later, and the Digest will ignore the majority of the premature or ill-founded complaints. PM Natuman had a special word of gratitude for the manner in which the 58-member Fijian Engineering and Health Team sped to Vanuatu’s assistance, coping with such as repair to Onesua, Manua and Takara schools at North Efate, and Lenakel Hospital on Tanna. Major operations were carried out on Tanna and 19 newborn babies assisted on their way into the post-Pam world.