Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 20 April 2015

All daily news media have covered the main good, post-Pam news stories of the last 24 hours. RVS Tukoro was returned to base at Paray Bay after being re-launched from its beaching at Moso island. There was considerable praise for Performance Marine Limited’s re-float with the king tide to reduce possible damage. Roimata 2 slid out Tukoro and divers established there was no serious damage and Tukoro could return to base. The Solomons’ patrol vessel Auki escorted Tukoro to Paray Bay. The Defence Agreement with Australia will determine how, when and where Tukoro will be slipped.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has provided Promedical with a new ambulance to the delight of Promedical Manager, Michael Benjamin. It was delivered by an Australian Defence Force plane. Deputy High Commissioner Flores commended Promed for its response around Efate in the Pam cyclone emergencies.

The Turkish Government has contributed a first cash donation of USD 150,000 to relief efforts after cyclone Pam.

Five people have received gaol terms of 15 years following the witchcraft case of Akhamb. Premeditated intentional homicide was the charge against the 5 of a total of 12 defendants. The homicide resulted in the death of 2 persons locally blamed for allegedly practising witchcraft on that island, Post reports today. Chief Justice Lunabek heard the case last week in Luganville.