Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 22 April 2015

It was good to hear Roger Tari for the Port Vila Municipality this morning commenting on assisting town council rubbish disposal by householders sorting rubbish – not mixing it together – according to ordinary household waste, green rubbish and vegetable materlal and then metal and glass objects. Public Works and volunteers are helping the town clean-up efforts. Radio Vanuatu again seems available on FM 100, having moved back from FM 98.

The Vanuatu Government has confirmed it will take any appropriate or strong action, in relation to the State of Emergency, against any group not following government directives. This follows the actions of an NGO from New Caledonia which was trying to avoid genetic modifications in growth materials, Radio Vanuatu News said this morning.

UNICEF is attempting to have children who may have lost birth certificates in cyclone Pam – and others – to get properly registered, both national radio and Post tell us today.