Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 23 April 2015

The second food relief distribution to Efate off-shore islands’ residents has been proceeding today. Communities have come together for unloading and the collections were led by widows and the disabled. The Prime Minister has repeated his thanks to regional and traditional partners for their generosity and team leaders from New Zealand expressed their humility at finding so many of the hurricane’s victims being so ready to help with unloading and work needed, enabling it to proceed much quicker than planned. There have been reports of theft of relief items, but no convincing proof so far. The NDMO has promised to follow-up such allegations.

The Luganville municipal elections will take place in July. The present council finishes in May. However, apparently candidates have been advising they remain in office until November, but Principal Electoral Officer Fr Charles Vatu says they finish next month according to the law.

Certain investments planned by the National Provident Fund (VNPF) are being held over for 18 – 24 months because of the big demand for savings following the cyclone. GM Santos Vatoko says some VT 2 billion is expected to be needed by yhe members facing difficulties.