Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 24 April 2015

Pam news continues to dominate the media. Sharing relief in Efate off-shore islands went on today. President Lonsdale received the head of a Japanese group concerned with aid to children. Fresh fish is being offered by Fisheries at a reduced price in market areas, Saralana and Freshwater, and given to hospitals and schools. The Harbourmaster is requiring all ship owners to ensure their broken vessels be removed from Vila Harbour before 13 May. Over 4.5 tons of debris, mainly pieces of damaged vessels, were removed from Vila Harbour, Daily Post said, by Big Blue divers in collaboration with the marine conservation group Project AWARE. It was also said Pam lost VT 2 billion in revenue to kava growers, a figure calculated by Dr Vincent Lebot, Vanuatu’s resident expert in the FAO driven agricultural census statistics. UNDP has launched a "cash for work programme" by clearing the road to Bouffa landfill.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management is requiring every grant receiving body to submit their audit reports in order to receive their monthly government funding. The order is dated 10 April, this year. Failure to submit missing audits will affect grants to be issued, Radio Vanuatu reported. At last.