Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Nagol tower destroyed

The major item today (and only one I can cover just now) is of concern especially to Central and South Pentecost people …

One hundred and fifty Wawan people from Panas, South Pentecost, marched to Lonoror and cut down a Nagol tower, preventing the planned Pentecost jump taking place. This was on Saturday. Many of the young men were armed with bushknives. Daily Post reports Chief Peter Watas of the Malbangbang chiefly council in the southern part of the island saying the tower was cut down because it was not constructed on the southern part of the island, south of the Pangbo River, "the true home of the Nagol." Lonoror airport, it seems, is considered outside the legitimate custom area for the important and unique traditional event , at least by the Wawan people.