Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 28 April 2015

Six Chinese investors have applied for honorary citizenship under the Economic Rehabilitation after Pam scheme. The Government launched the scheme two weeks ago in Hong Kong. Each such citizenship application, when successful, brings Vanuatu 13 million vatu. There is strict screening, Radio Vanuatu advised.

The national emergency continues after cyclone Pam. It presently continues to 14 June.

Pacific countries are obtaining permission to export kava to such as European Union countries including Germany. Tonga already has permission to export 10 tons in September. Tongan farmers are delighted and have been advised their kava variety is acceptable. They will maintain good quality. In Vanuatu there are so many stories of Tongans having taken Vanuatu kava from Erromango hundreds of years ago. We should not be far behind the Tongans in exporting.

President Baldwin Lonsdale has paid a tribute to overseas relief efforts and thanked ni-Vanutu for their efforts towards restoration after the cyclone.

Lands Minister Regenvanu opened a week-long training course for chiefs and adjudicators of land issues at Emua yesterday morning. Customary land issues of ownership are in future to be decided only in the nakamals concerned. This follows the Customary Land Management Act and Land Reform Amendment Act, in effect for over a year. The training is the first of its kind. Regenvanu reminded participants, Post pointed out, that all dispute resolution powers are now returned to the nakamal.

Chinese Ambassador Xie Bohua gives his impression of cyclone Pam in today’s Daily Post. He sees the friendship between the two countries not weakened but consolidated by the cyclone.